Good Government Measures for A Better Long Beach

Mayor Robert Garcia and City Auditor Laura Doud proposed, and the Long Beach City Council unanimously placed a series of good government Charter Amendments on the November 2018 Ballot to make Long Beach’s government more effective, efficient, and ethical. The four measures below are smart reforms that create a more open and responsive city government.
Strengthens the City Auditor
By authorizing the City Auditor to conduct performance audits of the operations and management of all departments, boards, agencies, commissions, and offices. Measure AAA also authorizes the City Auditor to access and examine all City records needed to conduct financial and performance audits…
Strengthens Term Limits
By limiting the number of terms for Mayor and Councilmembers to three terms or a total of 12 years. Creating a limit of 12 years, and no more, aligns with established term limits for the California State Legislature, the County of LA, and the City of Los Angeles. Long Beach is the only major city in the nation that allows unlimited terms…
Establishes an Independent Ethics Commission
In Long Beach to hold local politicians and public officials accountable to strong ethical standards. The independent Ethics Commission would help monitor our existing lobbying ordinance and promote and enforce good government measures for both elected and…
Establishes a Citizens Redistricting Commission
To create new council districts every decade after the census. Measure DDD establishes strong criteria for redistricting that keeps communities of interest and neighborhoods together and prohibits gerrymandering in which districts are manipulated to benefit a candidate or party…


Elected Leaders:

Mayor Robert Garcia
Former Mayor Beverly O’Neill
Former Mayor Bob Foster
City Auditor Laura Doud
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
State Senator Ricardo Lara
LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn
Vice Mayor Dee Andrews
Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez
Coucilmember Jeannine Pearce
Councilmember Roberto Uranga
Councilmember Al Austin
Councilmember Rex Richardson
Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez
Councilmember Jeannine Pearce
Vice Mayor Dee Andrews
Councilman Roberto Uranga
Councilman Al Austin
Councilman Rex Richardson


Long Beach Firefighters
Long Beach Police Officers Association
California Common Cause

Democratic & Republican Clubs:

California Democratic Party
Long Beach Democratic Party
Long Beach Young Democrats
Democratic Women’s Study Club
Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Long Beach Republican Club, Yes on AAA, CCC & DDD (Neutral on BBB)

Civil Rights Leaders Yes on BBB & DDD:

Alyssa Gutierrez, Economic & Policy Impact Center (EPIC)
Steve Neal, Southern Christian Leadership Conference Long Beach Affiliate
Reverend Leon Wood, Local Educator, Activist & Pastor
Reverend Rethis Murry, Holy Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church
Pastor Gregory Sanders, The Rock Christian Fellowship
Darick Simpson, Long Beach Community Action Partnership
Laura Som, Equity for Cambodians


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