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Measure A Questions Answered | Building a Better Long Beach

Common Measure A Questions:

Q: If Measure A passes will my property tax go up? Will our sales tax go up?

A: No. Measure A will not affect property taxes. All measure A does is keep your sales tax exactly as it is now.

Q: Why not wait to extend Measure A closer to the original sunset date and then let voters decide whether to extend?

A: We can’t afford to wait. If Measure A does not pass this March and LA County or another regional agency passes a 1% sales tax increase this November, once Measure A sunsets, our tax rate will stay the same, but instead of the funds going to Long Beach, they will go to the other taxing agency and we lose the 1% for the city, but still pay the same tax.

Q: If we are at 10.25%, the maximum the State allows, how can another agency get another tax through?

A: The way California local sales tax works is “first come, first served.” So, for example, if LA County, or the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), passes a 1% tax this November (which they are considering), then the AQMD tax is “next in line”—so even though we are capped at 10.25%, once Measure A expires, Long Beach taxpayers will then pay the AQMD sales tax.

Q: Does Long Beach have the highest sales tax rate in the region?

A: No. Santa Fe Springs has the highest sales tax. The Long Beach sales tax is exactly the same as 18 other cities in the region.

Q: Where can I learn about projects completed by the current Measure A?

A: Click here for more on Measure A projects.


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